Hand craftsmanship at its best

Hacker-Craft have been hand making boats for over a hundred years. Started by John L. Hacker in 1908, he was the first person to realize that it was better for boats to “plane” instead of “plow” through the water like canoes do, he invented the V-hull and even worked with the wright brothers on a floating biplane. To fund his company, he cashed in on the success of Au Revoir, a boat he made himself that held the world record for the fastest boat at the time in 1904. All in all, John Hacker was a pioneer in naval engineering, and helped to create one of the most iconic boats of the 20th century. These boats defined the idea that you can be classy while still tearing up some bitchin wakes, way back before it was in style.

If you enjoy beautiful works of hand crafted art, head over to their website, check em out and read up on em real quick. Ten times more expensive than anything you could even hope afford in your lifetime, but that is not the point now is it.



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