Wanna help me build a track?

So here is the idea. I want a track thats 1.5-2 mile long with long run-offs so it can be opened up to motorcycles and cars alike. I want to open it only to members, but I want a relatively low cost member ship fee. Maybe around $100 bucks a month plus lap fees.

With a low membership fee, it will be open to everyone from the Ferrari’s to the Honda Civics. If you work on your ride, no matter what it was, and want to see what your +5 horsepower sticker new brakes, new grippier tires, new suspension, new headers or turbo or whatever actually gets you in no shit measured performance, bring it out here. Get actual lap times to see how your upgrades have helped or just to practice your driving and have fun pushing your vehicle to its limits.

I want it to be low stress, fun and enjoyable yet challenging. I want everyone from the Novice to the expert to have fun here.

I want to rent it out for corporate events and let dealerships do test drive events there. I want this to be a mecca every weekend for petrol heads to see cars and get their motor fix. Cars’n’coffee, car shows, swap meets. The place that always seems to have something going on. Like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but for the normal joe. Lets make it happen people.


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