Month: November 2014

Mercedes 190E 2.5 16V Evo II

Only a few quick shots of this one. I have lusted after this car for years. This car is Mercedes answer to BMW’s original M3 on the E30 chassis. The idea of a quick lightweight rear wheel drive saloon car with a screaming I-4 is just….awesome.


Lancia 037. The want is strong.

Group B was where the men were separated from the boys in rallying. The quite lax regulations that the FIA had in place for this category of cars, lead to many developers creating monster machines that defied physics, were amazingly complex, and sacrificed almost everything in the name of speed. I recall a story about how Toyota even developed a secret intake system to fool the field marshalls during vehicle inspections. The intake would only open while at full throttle gaining them over 100+ hp on the course, but in the inspection pits while not running it would shut, thus remaining hidden during. Group B lead to some of the most thrilling rally racing the world has ever seen, and is still referred to as “the Golden Age of Rally”. Even to this day, no rally car has matched the speeds of some of these machines from 20 years ago. The vehicles used to race in this class were notoriously difficult to drive and lead to a series of accidents, some of which were fatal for drivers and spectators alike. Ultimately Group B was only around for all of 4 years, 1982-1986, as these machines were deemed so powerful that they were too dangerous to be raced.

During that time however, manufacturers truly created some wonderful machines that even today inspire admiration and awe. The Lancia 037, at least in my humble opinion, is the most beautiful of all the Group B cars, if not necessarily the one I would pick if I had an unlimited budget. That would probably go to the Ford RS200, another of the Group B Badasses. But the Lancia 037 has such a classic design, that even today I would call it beautiful. I think it belongs in the Pantheon right next to the Lamborghini Miura as one of the most awesome cars of all time.

Here is another of Petrolicious’ stunning videos. Definitely worth the watch.

Filson and AEV team up to create possibly the most badass Jeep ever.

Filson, the purveyors of the insanely priced fine clothing, have teamed up with world renowned Jeep experts AEV to create one hell of a $70,000 Land Rover competitor. If I had the money and seriously wanted a luxury off road rig, I would be hard pressed to not go for this one. ‘Cept maybe the FC concept.

Is This $70,000 Luxury Jeep Wrangler A Better Buy Than A Range Rover?

For $70,000 you’d expect it to have some serious upgrades, and since they partnered with AEV, it most certainly does.

Taken straight from the Filson website

  • Optional 5.7L or 6.4L HEMI V8 engine
  • Both 2-door and 4-door models available
  • WARN 9.5cti-s winch and AEV winch mount
  • IPF 901 off-road lights
  • IPF back-up light
  • AEV 17” Savegre wheels – matte black
  • BFGoodrich 35” Mud-Terrain KM2 tires
  • AEV 3-1/2” DualSport SC suspension
  • AEV ProCal module
  • AEV jack base
  • AEV 3-1/2” DualSport SC suspension
  • AEV ProCal module
  • AEV jack base
  • AEV premium front bumper
  • AEV front skid plate
  • AEV heat reduction hood
  • AEV rear bumper
  • AEV water pump kit
  • AEV tire carrier
  • AEV splashguards
  • Color-matched three-piece hardtop
  • Color-matched fender flares
  • Exclusive Filson green exterior paint
  • Exclusive Filson Rugged Twill and leather interior
  • Filson Rugged Twill bulkhead storage bag
  • Filson Original Briefcase
  • Filson Medium Duffle
  • AEV front floor liners
  • AEV rear floor liner (4-door only)
  • AEV cargo liner (4-door only)
  • Exclusive Filson and AEV badging
  • AEV instrument cluster
  • AEV serialized build plaque

The best part aside from the standard AEV goodies is the optional Hemi’s. Although the 6.4 would be badass, I’d probably stick with the 5.7.

Check out more of this awesome rig at

Steve McQueens Jag

Steve McQueen is the epitome of badass. He raced, drank, swore and fought his way to fame and fortune, and he did it by being ‘Muricas badass. He joined the Marines, went AWOL, and STILL wound up guarding President Harry Truman (his yacht at least). I will be publishing a piece on Steve McQueen here shortly, but in the meantime, here is a quick little video about one of his Jag’s.

The Jaguar XKSS is an incredibly rare car. In 1957 a fire broke out in Jaguar’s own Browns Lane production plant, destroying all but 16 of the cars, most of which were sold in the US. The one in the video was Steve McQueens, which he bought for $5,000 dollars way back in the day. Today it is worth over $30 million.

Ferrari 250 GTO by Petrolicious

Ferrari’s 250 GTO is arguably the most beautiful car ever made. It has certainly become one of the most expensive, with Number 5111GT selling for $52 Million Dollars last year. The cars were handbuilt from the ground up and had a 3.0L V-12 that made 300 horsepower in 1963. They are the vehicles that truly started the stripped out luxury gentlemen racers that Porsche has been copying recently with its 911 GT2. Just seeing one of these cars is on my bucket list.

Fiat 600 Abarth

Never heard of it? Nor had I, but after seeing what David Obendorfer has created, I sure hope that more and more people do. Hopefully Fiat will eventually put this thing into production. An Italian hot hatch with all the Italian flare someone could ask for? Sounds like a recipe for success. Just imagine this with 300 hp, stanced out with some aggressive rubber, fender flares and some fancy Ferrari derived tech (since Fiat owns Ferrari, at least for the time being)  racing against the Focus ST, Mazdaspeeds, and all the other Hot Hatches. The sound would be Uhhh-Mazing.

This Four-Door Fiat 600 Abarth Concept Is Something We Can Get Behind

Hand craftsmanship at its best

Hacker-Craft have been hand making boats for over a hundred years. Started by John L. Hacker in 1908, he was the first person to realize that it was better for boats to “plane” instead of “plow” through the water like canoes do, he invented the V-hull and even worked with the wright brothers on a floating biplane. To fund his company, he cashed in on the success of Au Revoir, a boat he made himself that held the world record for the fastest boat at the time in 1904. All in all, John Hacker was a pioneer in naval engineering, and helped to create one of the most iconic boats of the 20th century. These boats defined the idea that you can be classy while still tearing up some bitchin wakes, way back before it was in style.

If you enjoy beautiful works of hand crafted art, head over to their website, check em out and read up on em real quick. Ten times more expensive than anything you could even hope afford in your lifetime, but that is not the point now is it.

Mind Wide Open

This is a stunning short movie about the excitement that is motorcycling. Dirt bikes got me involved in riding, and the thing I always loved most was knowing that by riding one, I would inherently see things that people in cars would not/could not see. A trail in the back country, flying down dirt roads, it is a truly remarkable experience that I hope everyone will get to enjoy. Sometimes it really is about the route less traveled.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.26.13 PM